Does this sound like you?

You’re exhausted.
You’re not sleeping.
You’re tired of being tired.
You want to sleep train but don’t know where to start.

Trying to figure out the whole “baby sleep thing” can be stressful. Let me take the overwhelm off your plate. You’ll get all the clarity and tools you need to sleep train your baby with this 9-day intensive bootcamp (no running involved!)


Is Oh Baby Boot Camp right for me?

If your baby is between 16 weeks (adjusted age) and 24 months and you’re struggling with:

  • Bedtime battles
  • Frequent night wake ups
  • Lots and lots (and lots) of bouncing, feeding, rocking, dancing, etc. at all hours of the night.
  • Inconsistent and/or short daytime naps
  • Overall exhaustion with your sleep situation

Then, mama, this boot camp is for you! Over the course of 9 days, you’ll learn the building blocks of a healthy sleep foundation and by the end of our time together, you’ll have all the tools and information you need to sleep train your baby and say goodbye to sleepless nights.

Here’s what’s included…

Daily Emails

A daily email for NINE days with the building blocks needed to establish a healthy sleep foundation



A printable 40+ page workbook to use on your sleep training journey

Facebook Support

Access to a private Facebook group to share and receive support from other tired bootcampers


Live Q&As

 Live Q&A (aka Personal Training) sessions with me

All this for only $149

You Deserve Sleep.

The benefits of getting good sleep are absolutely unmatched. Parenting is hard enough when you’re sleeping well. When you’re sleep deprived, all those things you hoped to accomplish, the parent that you aspire to be, take a back seat. It’s easy to get stuck feeling like sleep deprivation is just something you have to live with – a parenting badge of honor. I’m here to tell you, it’s not!

Your baby CAN fall asleep easily and peacefully at bedtime.

Your baby CAN sleep soundly all night long.

Your baby CAN nap longer than 30 minutes.

Your baby CAN sleep well.

I want to give you that confidence and freedom.

Together, we can say goodbye to sleepless nights once and for all.




There are no refunds or exchanges on this service. 



Jamie is incredible.

Jamie is incredible. Our baby was a good sleeper, or so we thought. We would feed and bounce/rock our baby to sleep for every nap and night time and co-sleep! We were the ultimate sleep props and had no idea. We were just doing what we thought was the best we could to get him to sleep. It was “working” until it wasn’t. We signed up for Jamie’s Oh Baby Boot Camp and learned SO much from Jamie and received so much support from Jamie. She helped us recognize all our bad habits and gave us the tools we need to correct our sleeping situation. And let me tell you, we were freaking nervous to start sleep training. Jamie calmed our fears and soothed my mama heart in regards to this whole sleep training thing. After one night, yes, ONE night, our 5 month old fell asleep by himself in his own crib and slept for hours. When he did wake for one feeding, we put him back in his crib awake and he didn’t say a word. He played with his hands for a few minutes and was out! It was unreal. We are so impressed and so grateful with Jamie. 

We're very grateful!

Thanks to Jamie’s bootcamp, we feel very informed and prepared to begin sleep training. During this bootcamp, any & all questions were answered in detail, which helped us to get ready to start training. Jamie walked us through various topics and helped us to learn all of the pieces of the sleep training puzzle. Now that we know all of those pieces, we really do feel ready to start putting the puzzle together. I would recommend this bootcamp to everyone- it really was awesome! Now, when my husband and I ask one another a sleep question, we literally answer it by saying, “Well, I think Jamie would say……..” Thank you so much, Jamie!!!! We’re very grateful!   

1000% worth it.

The bootcamp was amazing and 1000% worth it. Already recommending it to coworkers and friends with little. I had some base knowledge of baby sleep already but Jamie really helped put the puzzle pieces together in a way that we could understand without being overwhelmed. She was so sweet and positive it made the whole experience a joy to be in. I really feel like I know what I am doing now and am ready to start having good sleep for me and my baby.

I would highly recommend Oh Baby Consulting

This fast paced Boot Camp was perfect for me. I had sleep trained before, but was still feeling unsuccessful. I have actually followed other popular sleep consultants and bought packages but there was no extra support included. Having Jamie available to answer ANY questions during the process was invaluable! She breaks down everything you need to know each day and sets you and your baby up for success. I would highly recommend Oh Baby Consulting to anyone looking for help. Thank you so much Jamie!

I needed every bit of this Boot Camp.

I needed every bit of this Boot Camp. My husband and I were the ones with the bad habits, not our baby. We taught him everything he knows and every aspect of boot camp taught us something new so we can teach our babe.


You can’t put a price tag on sleep.

You can’t put a price tag on sleep. As a first time parent, I knew nothing about sleep training or things that I could do to help my baby learn to be good at sleep. I now feel way more equipped and confident to be able to start helping my baby (and mom and dad too!). I’m super excited to be able try everything I learned without always second guessing my actions.


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