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Baby Sleep

Reflux & Baby Sleep

If you’re wondering whether your baby’s sleep struggles are due to an underlying physical issue such as reflux, you’re not alone. Reflux is incredibly common among newborns and young infants due in large part to their anatomy. Reflux can…

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How to Help Your Light Sleeper

Do you think your child is a light sleeper? If your child seems to wake up every time you walk by their door, goes from fast asleep to wide awake the moment you lay them down, or wakes up frequently throughout the night for no…

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Sleep Training a Breastfed Baby

One of the reasons I have dedicated my life to supporting new parents is because of the sheer amount of information available and how conflicted many experts are with one another’s points of view. Surprisingly, this is true even…

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Baby Sleep Myths

The magnitude of and the ease of access to information on parenting is a double-edge sword. There is so much to learn…and at the same time, there is just so much – much of it contradicting. Books, blogs, and Facebook mom groups can be a wonderful source of knowledge, but can also be..

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