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I’m Jamie

Pediatric sleep consultant and your solution to sleepless nights, crap naps, and endless Googling

Before I became a sleep consultant, I was a postpartum social worker. With a front-row seat to the impacts of sleep deprivation on the parenting experience, I too being a serial Googler on a quest to answer the sleep questions that were keeping my clients up all night – literally!

I stumbled upon the world of sleep consulting where there were real live people who could help. So I decided to become one of them! Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of families change their lives and get their sleep, confidence, and “me time” back.

I’m also a mom to a sweet baby boy who was not an easy sleeper. I know the anxieties that nighttime can bring; I intimately remember the mad dash to get things done during short naps; and I understand the indecision, overwhelm, and mental load that sleep struggles can cause.

Sleep is not only my passion, it is literally my job. It doesn’t have to be yours anymore.

Your family deserves to sleep well.

I’ll help you ditch the stress & overwhelm that sleep struggles can bring and restore confidence, clarity, and most importantly, rest back into your lives. It’s time to get back to being YOU again.

Getting 8+ hours of sleep every night is important to me...

…and in just a couple of weeks, it can be your reality.

Sleep doesn’t have to be tricky. But with the endless amount of information available to us at our fingertips, it can feel confusing and overwhelming real quick.

Most people will spend hours reading books, scrolling through blogs, and posting on forums searching for answers, but you can have a plan tailored to your family and the supported needed to be successful in just a couple of weeks. I want you to feel empowered, not overwhelmed.

Sleep deprivation impacts all areas of life from relationships and parenting to job performance and mental well-being. You don’t have to be a tired parent anymore. Your child wants to sleep, and we’re going to help make that happen.

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Services for You and Baby

Personalized Plans —

Sleep Coaching

For parents looking for a personalized path to more sleep that is as unique as your child is. I’ll guide you through the sleep training process with a customized sleep plan +  daily support from start to finish.

Support on Demand —

Baby Sleep Course

For parents who are looking for ONE PLAN to follow to help your baby sleep better. The course is my proven, step-by-step plan for helping your 6-18 month old sleep through the night & take predictable daytime naps so your baby can thrive and you can recharge.

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Ready to Sleep?

You’re in the right place. If you’re tired of Googling, overwhelmed and confused by Facebook threads, and ready to make parenting a whole lot easier…

I’m ready to help! Together, we’re going to give your family a path back to sleep.

Sound like a plan?