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How to Fix False Starts for Baby Sleep

A false start is commonly defined as waking shortly after going down for bed. Usually this wake up happens within one sleep cycle which is about 30-45 minutes but can also be a series of smaller wake ups before your little one finally falls into a deeper sleep. Both definitions capture…

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Decoding Sleep Training Research

The difficult but beautiful thing about parenting is that there is no rule book. Every family gets to choose what style of parents they want to be, what things are important to them, and how to navigate the journey in…

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How to Start Sleep Training

If you’ve decided to sleep train, you might be wondering where the heck to start. With Google at our fingertips and sleep classes only a click away, information is endless. But how do you know which method to choose? Once you choose a method…

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How to Dress Your Baby For Sleep This Winter

As winter sets in and cozy nights become the norm, keeping your baby snug and safe during sleep becomes a top priority. The colder weather brings its own set of challenges, so I wanted to share 5 tips to make sure your family stays sleeping soundly + safely in the cooler weather. 

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Sleep Tools for Big Kids

We talk a lot about baby and toddler sleep at Oh Baby, but if your preschooler or even your big kid is struggling with sleep, there are resources and supports for you too!

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5 Common Toddler Sleep Struggles & Solutions

When I speak with exhausted parents for the first time, it’s not uncommon for them to say to me, “I need help with my infant but I have a toddler too… it’s probably too late for them isn’t it?” They sound incredulous when I tell them it is certainly NOT too late…

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I’m a former postpartum social worker turned baby sleep guru. I believe wholeheartedly that sleep is the ultimate form of self-care and no one can show up as their best self when they’re not getting good rest. So I turned my passion for sleep into my profession. Sleep shouldn’t have to be your full time job anymore. Let me take the sleep stress off your plate so you can start living your best, well-rested life!