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Hi there, I’m Jamie!

If you’re exhausted, totally overwhelmed by your child’s sleep habits, or looking for answers to the sleep questions that keep you up at night (literally), then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Jamie, founder of Oh Baby Consulting, and my goal is to help your family get the sleep you need to not just survive, but thrive! I’ll help take the stress & overwhelm out of the whole “sleep thing” and give you expert advice, tailored guidance, and all the support you’ll need so everyone can sleep through the night again.

Are you ready to go to bed peacefully and wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle parenthood? Get started with a complimentary sleep evaluation and start dreaming about a good night’s sleep.



If you are expectant parents or parents of newborns 0-15 weeks and you want to enjoy the newborn stage and avoid the depths of sleep deprivation, I’m here to help! We will discuss what to really expect when it comes to sleep (beyond what the books say,) and you will learn how to build healthy sleep habits from the beginning.

If your baby is between 4-24 months and is struggling to sleep well, I have the answers! Whether you want your baby to fall asleep easily and peacefully at bedtime, sleep through the night, take long, restortive daytime naps, or all of the above, 1:1 infant sleep coaching is for you! 

If you have a toddler or preschooler over 24 months who has trouble falling asleep on their own or staying asleep during the night, it’s not too late to help everyone sleep better. If you’re struggling with anything from poor napping to unwanted co-sleeping, night terrors, or bedtime battles, 1:1 toddler sleep coaching is for you!

Is your child already sleep trained but you’ve run into a sticky spot or have general sleep questions & would like support around one particular issue (early mornings, nap transitions, sleep regressions, life changes, etc)? A mini consultation will help!



Jayme, Doug, & Harper

I cannot recommend Jamie and Oh Baby Consulting enough! The first night was easily one of the hardest nights I’ve ever had….I would have given up if Jamie hadn’t written me paragraph after paragraph of encouragement and specific advice. If you’ve been laying in your bed (or your toddlers) at night thinking “wow, there needs to be a better way”, please reach out to Jamie and invest in creating a plan that will improve your whole families life!

Christina, Darrell, & Charlotte

Jamie did a wonderful job. She provided us the support and structure we needed to get our baby’s sleep back on track and for us all to get better rest. It has honestly made a world of difference. Having someone who specializes in creating sleep programs for kids do all the thinking and work for us was such a weight off our shoulders. I wouldn’t do it any other way in the future.

Jessica, Terry, & Tripp

I used to feel very insecure about my son’s sleep and even struggled with anxiety about whether or not I was doing the right thing. Now, my son sleeps through the night, knows how to self soothe and I feel very confident about the choices I am making regarding his sleep. I definitely recommend Oh Baby Consulting for any sleep needs.

Justin, Lynn, & Bobby

In less than a week, Jamie completely changed our lives for the better. She is profoundly knowledgeable and kind. Our young son’s sleep improved dramatically in just a matter of days. It transformed our lives. Jamie single-handedly added 4.5 hours of free time to our daily schedule. Hiring Oh Baby Consulting was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our son is getting much needed rest for his growth and development, and we are getting time to unwind at night and re-gather our sanity. Jamie is a hero in my household.

Kristen, Brett, & Savannah

Jamie was nothing less than amazing. Not only was the information she gave so beneficial, the continued support she offered was priceless. She took all the hard work, research, and scheduling confusion off of our hands and made the sleep training process incredibly easy. We went from rocking our daughter to sleep for hours and waking up every 2-3 hours all night to her falling asleep on her own within 10 min and sleeping over 9 hours straight by the second night! Jamie changed our lives, and we could not recommend her more.

Kari, Stephen, & Jackson

Jamie is wonderful to work with. With her  life-changing help we were able to get our 13 month old sleeping 12 hours straight at night. Before we started the program he was up 5-6 times per night and had never ever slept through the night. Furthermore, he also had to be rocked or nursed for every sleep. He now lays down in his crib and falls asleep on his own within 10 minutes. Unbelievably, we saw results in only two days and our lives are forever changed. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Sarah, Brian, & Calvin

We had a wonderful experience with Jamie and I’m proud to say that my 6 month old can put himself to sleep, sleeps through the night and has a predicable schedule. We had tried working with a sleep consultant previously for my oldest child and had a negative experience. Jamie worked with us to create a plan based on our parenting style and what we felt comfortable with doing. This was a pleasant experience. Jamie provides wonderful support and the tools for sleep training.

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