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“This was worth
every penny!”

I love the fact that Jamie provided a personalized approach to sleep training, and it’s not simply an online class or a book that you have to try and navigate yourself. The one-on-one attention and the fact that she explains WHY we are doing all of these things, instead of just saying “tough love baby!” was amazing. This really gave me the confidence to get through any rough days we had. Overall, I was amazed and speechless with how quickly Charlotte was sleeping through the night and I would recommend Jamie to any family!

-Liz, Chris, & Charlotte

“We could not have done this without Jamie!”

Our daughter was a fantastic sleeper as a newborn, but things quickly unraveled as she got older. We were waking up 10+ times a night to nurse, rock, cuddle, etc. and nobody was getting any sleep. Finally, when she was nearly 6 months old, not even comforting her all night long would help her sleep and we knew something had to change. I was afraid of sleep training in any capacity and was not confident I had the strength it required of me in order to stay consistent. Jamie helped me work through all of these emotions and allowed me to focus on the goal of better rest for my entire family.

She became my personal therapist, sleep expert, best girlfriend, and cheerleader for the two weeks we worked together. I can’t possibly say enough about how much we needed her. She was able to help us troubleshoot problems as they arose in real time, and helped give us the tools to problem solve on our own when things didn’t go as planned. Every day that passed made us more confident we could navigate sleep on our own. Our little girl is now sleeping through the night and consolidating naps like it’s nothing!

Jamie’s warm and sweet personality made her a pleasure to work with every day and I genuinely looked forward to her frequent check-ins with our family. We already miss her terribly! I can now say beyond a shadow of a doubt that sleep training is not anywhere close to the scary experience I presumed it to be, and I have Jamie to thank for that!

-Megan, Tim, & Tessie

“Jamie was nothing less than amazing!”

Not only was the information she gave so beneficial, the continued support she offered was priceless. She took all the hard work, research, and scheduling confusion off of our hands and made the sleep training process incredibly easy. We went from rocking our daughter to sleep for hours and waking up every 2-3 hours all night to her falling asleep on her own within 10 min and sleeping over 9 hours straight by the second night! Jamie changed our lives, and we could not recommend her more.
-Kristen, Brett, & Savannah

“Of all the money I’ve spent on things for my baby, hiring Jamie is by far the best.”

Prior to working with Jamie, I had done a ton of reading and talking to other parents about sleep, and I was trying some different sleep strategies, but nothing seemed to be working. Hiring Jamie was a game changer. She started by assessing what I was currently doing to help get my daughter to sleep; she then developed a comprehensive, customized plan for my daughter and walked me through it in detail over Zoom; and finally, she coached me through the plan and held me accountable to it over the following two weeks. She gave me the confidence to stay the course. My daughter – who was waking up 1 – 3 times a night and taking short naps during the day – is now sleeping 11.5 – 12 hours at night, and taking two good, long naps a day!

Jamie is a true professional: she is a sleep expert, a strong communicator, and a reliable, compassionate coach. What I appreciate most about Jamie is that she took the time to explain the whys behind her recommendations. This really helped me to reframe my perspective on sleep training and to feel more comfortable in executing the plan. I can’t thank Jamie enough for her time, attention to detail, encouragement, and guidance through the process. It is amazing how much good sleep really benefits everyone in the family!

-Allison, Igor, & Sofija

“I was referred to Oh Baby by my pediatrician and I’m so thankful for it.”

This was worth every penny! Jamie was wonderful to work with. She was diligent at responding and was so helpful and supportive during the entire process. Since we’ve worked together, my daughter has slept 12+ hours every night, and takes two full naps a day! We would never be where we are today without Jamie. I’d recommend her to anyone! My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner!

-Brianna, Logan, & Harper

“We can’t say enough about how thankful we are for Jamie and the rest we are all getting!”

We went from being up anywhere from 2-10 times a night to consistently sleeping through the night within the first week. I didn’t think it was possible and we are so grateful!

-Molly, Brian, & Rosie

“Jamie honestly changed our life!”

Before working with Jamie, I read all the sleep books, purchased some well-known sleep programs and nothing improved for us. My baby would wake up unpredictably throughout the night and I would replace his pacifier all night long. I was SO tired every day I eventually couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious. A few mom friends in a mom group swore by Jamie and recommended working with her. I was desperate and decided to schedule a call. I was impressed with Jamie’s knowledge and her obvious passion for pediatric sleep that I felt confident in working with Jamie. We live in Minnesota so we worked remotely together and it was a great experience for us! Everyday we saw improvements in sleep and within just a few days, Harrison was sleeping 12 hours a night and taking awesome 1.5-2 hour naps with no pacifier!

Now that everyone in my family is sleeping so much better, our baby is less fussy throughout the day and is such a happy boy. My husband and I have our nights back and we are both able to workout, go to work, have a social life, and enjoy each other without being exhausted and crabby all day. Most importantly, my mental health has improved which has made me the best mom I can be for my son – that was my #1 priority.

For me as a parent, I decided to invest in something that would benefit our baby in the long run – which is healthy sleep and happy parents. Jamie is worth the investment that will last a lifetime for your child. I confidently recommend Jamie to any sleep deprived parents out there. I cannot thank Jamie enough for changing our lives and helping us all get the sleep and rest we need!

-Kathy, Parker, & Harrison

“Jamie was a game changer for our family!”

We did not sleep train our first son and at 4 years old he still struggles with sleep. We knew we didn’t want to make the same mistake with our second baby. We gave Jamie our goals and the plan she laid out for our baby covered everything. It walked us through every detail and obstacle we might encounter through the process. I loved how she actually gave us the science behind sleep and why changing some of our current habits would work. By night three, our five month old was sleeping 12 hours straight through the night without any tricks or gimmicks. He was self soothing, putting himself to sleep and most importantly, waking up happy! We even took a three day vacation the day our training ended and he did amazing!! He slept in a small hotel room with us, taking two hour naps and sleeping 13 hours at night. I feel like the most stressful part of having an infant is the sleep factor. Thanks to Jamie that stress has dissipated and we’re truly enjoying every minute with our baby. It’s the best investment we’ve ever made since having children (that includes a $1200 Snoo)!!

-Sara, Matt, & Carter

“We had a wonderful experience working with Jamie...”

…and I’m proud to say that my 6 month old can put himself to sleep, sleeps through the night and has a predicable schedule. We had tried working with a sleep consultant previously for my oldest child and had a negative experience. Jamie worked with us to create a plan based on our parenting style and what we felt comfortable with doing. This was a pleasant experience. Jamie provides wonderful support and the tools for sleep training.

-Lauren, Rob, & Charlie

“10/10 would recommend.”

3 weeks ago, I had a pacifier loving, bassinet sleeping, comfort nursing 5 month old baby. He woke up every 40 minutes on the dot & most times ended up in bed with us. Every time the pacifier fell out of his mouth, he woke up crying & once again, I would have to nurse him, rock him & put the pacifier back in his mouth just to get him to fall back asleep (& repeat the process again and again until morning) I had reached a breaking point. I was exhausted, impatient and wasn’t even able to be present during the day with my baby. My husband and I had tried a few different sleep methods, but being against the “cry it out” method, it didn’t leave us with very many options. That’s when I finally reached out to Oh Baby Consulting. We had a consultation over the phone and by the end of the week she was scheduled to come to our home with a personalized plan for our child.

It was an adjustment. Moving our son into his own room, removing his pacifier & no longer nursing him to sleep. But it was more of an adjustment me than it was on him. Night #1 was difficult, to say the least but with Jamie’s comforting methods, my son never felt scared and was never alone during this transition. By the 3rd night, Benjamin was sleeping 10 hours and waking only once for a night feed. By night 7, Benjamin was sleeping 11+ hours straight & no longer woke for his night feeding. 2 weeks later, on average he is sleeping 12 hours, without waking at all. He takes 2 long naps during the day, and a cat nap later in the afternoon. This sleep method has saved my sanity and is allowing me to spend quality time with my husband for the first time since we had our child. Jamie has been patient with us and has answered every one of my questions. She had given me the tough love needed when what I “needed” was hurting his sleep, rather than helping. I’m forever grateful to Oh Baby Consulting.

-Kylie, Nate, & Benjamin

“I was THAT mom that was struggling so hard but didn’t want to admit it.”

I was absolutely exhausted in every way. My sweet Clifton (“Chip”) never slept. Ever. We had tried every program and every schedule in the book. He is such a happy go lucky, perfect baby during the day but internally I always dreaded the evening because I knew I would be up every 2-3 hours either feeding, reinserting a paci, or just shhhing and offering my hand. My days and nights felt like a continuous stream. Lack of sleep was effecting me, my ability to be a wonderful mom, my marriage, overall quality of life, and even my postpartum weight loss. I was convinced that at some point it would just click and he would sleep ( like all of my other friends babies were at the time… or at least it felt like it) … but when we hit 6 months and we had one night where he fed 5 times and only slept about 6 hours total, I knew it was time for help. I reached out to Jamie and to this day, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jamie walked through Chip’s current, individual schedule and customized a completely feasible sleep plan that didn’t involve long cry it outs or anything for that matter that I would be uncomfortable with. It was gentle and constructive both for Chip and me. Jamie worked diligently with us, constantly changing things up to see what worked best for my stubborn little fella. By day 2 we were napping. By day 3, we had the longest stretch at night we had ever had AND in his crib! By the end, we had 3 solid naps a day and sleeping all night. I can lay him down and leave the room and he puts himself to sleep. It was truly a miracle.

Not only did Jamie give us the gift of sleep, but she also gives you a toolbox upon graduation that has everything from how to handle vacations, sickness, teething, time change, even when transitioning to a toddler bed so you will never feel stranded. After working with Jamie, we are still sleeping through the night and taking naps during the day.. but we are also growing developmentally at a rapid pace ( 6 teeth and counting as well as words and crawling!) thanks to resting well. Because babies are always changing, of course we have our times where there are sleep disruptions but because of our time together, I know how to effectively troubleshoot and help Chip get back on track. If you are suffering, know that you don’t have to. If you are reading this and thinking, “ omg. Maybe I should call her” then you are at the point that you absolutely should. Thank you Jamie for everything you have given little Chip and for helping me navigate this part of motherhood.

-Kaylee, Jonathan, & Chip

“I never thought this day would come”

I can proudly say that after 2 weeks of working with Jamie, my son Ty sleeps 12 hours straight overnight, and naps for 1.5-2 hours during each of his two naps. AND he can do this after being put down awake, no matter who’s putting him down to sleep. Everyone who cares for my son is so impressed! I never thought this day would come, or at the very least I thought I’d have to wait a long time for my son to figure out how to self soothe on his own. The time and research Jamie has put into this shows, it only took us two weeks to get these results. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a sleep plan for your baby, definitely use Oh Baby Consulting!
-Lauryn, Michael, & Ty

“We 10000% recommend!”

It’s been about 10 months since we worked with Jamie and we are STILL in awe of the work she did with us. When our son was around 9 months, we found ourselves neck-deep in the habit of bed-sharing. We were all going to bed too late and waking each other up throughout the night. My husband and I were desperate to move our son into his nursery so we could all get restful (and safe!!) sleep.

Not only did Jamie help us break ALL of our bad sleep habits and establish a healthy routine, she also taught my husband and I the “why” behind every step she walked us through so we could really understand the whole process.

Our son is now 19 months and still an amazing sleeper, and we still reference the things she taught us whenever we need to. Jamie really set us up for success as parents. We can get our son back on schedule after a vacation, after a big adjustment like moving to a new home, and even when we transitioned away from nursing and his paci.

If you’re a tired parent or caregiver of littles, Jamie is your girl!! Don’t wait any longer to get sleep!! Having a well-rested family means everything to us!

-Jamisyn, Trace, & Michael

“I cannot recommend Jamie enough!”

At around 12 months, our little one hit a sleep regression and was waking several times at night and continued to struggle with naps. We felt so sleep deprived and decided enough was enough. I contacted Jamie and right away she suggested which plan would best suit our needs. She crafted a personalized plan specifically for our family and child. We started seeing progress within days of implementing the plan. Our little one went from fighting naps to falling asleep completely on her own. The night wakings stopped and now she’s consistently sleeping through the night 11-12 hours. Jamie was also very helpful whenever a question arose or if we just needed reassurance. The sleep training approach Jamie uses is very respectful toward attachment and child development. Jamie gave our family some much needed rest. We actually look forward to naps and bedtime knowing it’s going to be a positive part of the day. We can thank her enough. If you’re not sure whether or not to ask for her help, CALL HER! Trust me, you’ll only regret not calling sooner!

-Isabel, Edgar, & Emma

“Sleep training with Jamie was the best decision we've made for our family.”

We hired Jamie when my daughter was 6 months old. Since birth she NEVER napped without eating and being held the whole time. At night she had a short period of time where she was sleeping 8 hrs while swaddled in her bassinet. At 3 months she learned how to roll over so we stopped swaddling her and moved her into her crib. It all went to hell from there. It progressively got worse until we mentally, emotionally, and physically broke at 6 months.

When we hired Jamie, I had to feed then hold her for naps AND at NIGHTTIME. Yep, we swore we never would co-sleep, but every time we transferred her into her crib or swing she would wake up. NO ONE was getting sleep. It was affecting all of our mental and physical health. Our marriage and our relationship with our daughter were both strained.
We knew we needed a professional person to help figure out how to get her to sleep. This time a book, friends, and parents were not going to cut it. We scheduled a consultation call with Jamie and shortly after knew she was the right pick for us. After our first in-depth Skype meeting with Jamie, we were hopeful but very scared. We didn’t know how we were going to handle it and/or if our daughter would be able to learn these skills without being traumatized. Though we were nervous, we FULLY committed.

Jamie assessed our daughters struggles and needs based on her age/weight and created a custom sleep plan for her. One of the BIG selling points for us was the custom plan that encompasses the optimal daytime routine as well as nighttime. She went through in great detail when to wake, play, eat, nap, routines, wake up scenarios, and nighttime sleep. The price point is higher than other options we looked at, but you get A LOT for what you pay for. Sleep was worth the money for us. She identified problems we didn’t even know were there like the eat to sleep association and explained how the sleep cycles actually work. We LEARNED so much. Jamie is clearly educated and experienced. We never presented her a situation where she didn’t come back with 10 ways to work through it. It was amazing. We needed reassurance that we were teaching the right sleep skills and in the right way.

Our daughter is 8 months now and we continue to ask ourselves – “What would Jamie Do?” – as we continue to learn and work on the sleep skills. With the tools that Jamie has given us we have successfully gone through our daughters first cold, first two teeth, first vacation, being babysat, introducing solid foods, and transitioning to 2 naps without huge sleep set backs. Jamie’s program WORKS!! Thank you Jamie! You have changed our lives for the better.

-Caitlin, Kevin, & Aria

“Jamie is wonderful!”

She really listened to our concerns and worked with our family in a way we would be comfortable. She asked a lot of questions to get a full picture of what our sleep situation was like and offered reasonable and doable changes to implement. After a few days of changes to our routine and schedule we were already seeing positive changes in our little ones sleep. Jamie was there cheering us on and celebrating every little win right along with us, her encouragement was beyond helpful in making sure we stuck with the plan. We are so incredibly happy and thankful that we reached out for support!
-Jenn, Dennis, & Addalynn

“Jamie is hands down the best in the industry.”

With her expertise and life changing help we were able to get our 13 month old sleeping 12 hours straight at night. Before we started the program he was up 5-6 times per night and had never ever slept through the night. He also had to be rocked or nursed for every sleep. He now lays down in his crib and falls asleep on his own within 10 minutes. We saw unbelievable results in only two days and our lives are forever changed. I can not recommend her highly enough.

-Kari, Stephen, & Jackson

“We made every excuse in the book before reaching out for help.”

Our baby who had previously slept through the night got hit HARD by the 4-month sleep regression+losing the swaddle+learning to roll. It led us down a dark path of bad sleep habits including starting to feed him again in the middle of the night, multiple night wake ups, and very early mornings. We were desperate to get him to sleep and to get some sleep ourselves, so we were doing anything and everything! We made every excuse in the book before reaching out for help– “It’s just his regression, it’ll end soon”, “Must be because he’s getting used to not being swaddled”, “Once he sleeps on his belly I’m sure he’ll sleep through the night”, “We SHOULD be able to figure this out on our own!”-being a few. We also previously tried to let him cry it out to no avail. Jamie helped us figure out our complex little boy with the utmost patience and care. There is no way we would have been able to look at his eating and sleeping patterns and make proper changes to get him on track the way she did.

Jamie’s feedback and advice was our new favorite “sleep crutch” as we progressively improved Camden’s sleep. By the end of our two weeks together, Camden had learned to put himself to sleep, connect his sleep cycles throughout the night, drop the night feed, and allow us and himself to get true, restorative sleep! We couldn’t be more thankful for Jamie’s guidance and couldn’t recommend her enough; we only wish we had gotten her help sooner (trust me- in the future we’ll be contacting her immediately!).

-Stephanie, Chris, & Camden

“I wish I would have reached out to her sooner! She put a plan together for us and it changed our lives on night #1!”

Our second son was born in November and from the start we have had trouble with sleep. Naps were sparse and inconsistent and with a 4 year old running around, it made it even more difficult. He was definitely not getting the sleep a newborn needs and that meant neither were the rest of us.
Bedtime was also terrible and even though I was so beyond exhausted, I dreaded when night would come. Harlan rarely let me put him down through the night and when he did, he didn’t sleep for long. I was getting about 2-4 hours of broken sleep a night for the first three months of his life.

Our fist was such a good sleeper so I couldn’t help but think I was failing my son. I was beginning to feel so insecure in my parenting and disconnected from my child.
I finally reached out to Jamie when I was about to go back to work realizing I just couldn’t continue like that and I didn’t want that for Harlan either.

Jamie took the time to get to know each of us and understand our situation and family dynamic. She is just so genuine and accessible, it felt like we were getting the support and recommendations from someone who really knew and cared about our family. It was exactly what I needed as a second time “new” mom.

With her support, we had all our questions and concerns addressed quickly and felt confident in implementing Harlan’s sleep plan. I couldn’t believe how well he was sleeping and after the first couple of nights of pure disbelief, I was starting to FINALLY get some sleep myself! I feel like I can really be a better mom to my kids now and actually get some quality time with each of them, which is truly a gift and absolutely priceless.

-Denise, Matt, & Harlan