Your family deserves sleep! tonight!

An online sleep course that actually works

Have you ever felt like this?

Bedtime gives you low-level anxiety: you don’t know how long it’s going to take or if your child will wake up crying the second you lay them down. 

You haven’t had a full night of sleep in months: maybe the last time you slept well was when you were pregnant!

Your days are unpredictable: you have no idea when you’ll have time to shower or get work done. 

You just want ONE plan to follow: you’re done posting questions in mommy-groups, going down the Google rabbit hole, and second-guessing every decision you make about your baby’s sleep.

Um, heck yes! You’re reading my mind!

You're doing #allthethings

but you still feel stuck
(and your baby still isn’t sleeping)

You’ve read the blogs, paged through the books, and searched “baby won’t sleep” in all your mom groups. You’re wondering if it’s teething, you need a buy a new sleep sack, or if they’ll just grow out of it 

(spoiler alert: it’s not, you don’t, they won’t)

You’re overwhelmed with all the opinions, unsure what to try next, and feel like you’ll never sleep again.


it doesn’t have to be that way.

Things can be different. Your baby can sleep well. And you don’t have to wait one more minute to get the sleep your family deserves.


Oh Baby Sleep Course is your “one-and-done” proven plan to get your 6-18 month old sleeping through the night and taking predictable daytime naps so everyone in your family can get the sleep they need to not just survive, but thrive!

kind words

“life. changing.”

We fully believed our one year old was way beyond the point of help, he was an outlier and just didn’t need sleep. We were going to go who knows how much longer sleep deprived and grumpy, and then we found Oh Baby. This program was life changing! Our son went from waking up 6-8x/night to sleeping 11-12 hours without a peep! We have our lives back and our son is thriving.

– Katie & Mike

“This plan works!”

Within two nights of starting this program, our baby was sleeping through the night! Jamie’s encouraging videos calmed our fears and her plan was straightforward, easy to understand, and best of all, actually worked! Our son is a different baby and we feel like different parents all thanks to Oh Baby Sleep Course.

– Allie & Justin

Here’s What’s Inside:

Video lessons taught by Jamie

After working with hundreds of families, I’ve recorded everything you need to know to teach your child how to sleep the Oh Baby way. This plan is backed by science, proven through research & experience to be effective, and has helped hundreds of families already sleep through the night.

Downloadable Sleep Plan 

This plan will supplement the video teachings and walk you through: the “whys” behind sleep struggles, setting up your sleep environment, creating a daily schedule, establishing bed & nap time routines, a strategy for teaching independent sleep at bedtime, handling middle of the night wake ups, tackling naps, and more!

Support Call Upgrades 

If you’re looking for a cheerleader or support before starting or during the process, add on a call with Jamie to get your specific questions answered.

on the


This is for you if…

i'm jamie your pediatric sleep consultant and BFF.

I’m here to help you put a stop to the endless Googling and your sleepless nights.

Before I became a sleep consultant, I was a postpartum social worker. With a front-row seat to the impacts of sleep deprivation on the parenting experience, I too became a serial Googler on a quest to answer the sleep questions that were keeping my clients up all night – literally.

I stumbled upon the world of sleep consulting where there were real live humans who could help. So I decided to become one of them! Sleep is not only my passion, it’s literally my 9-5 job. It doesn’t have to be yours anymore.

After working with hundreds of families across the globe in a one-on-one capacity, I decided to share my teachings and plans with the masses so that you don’t have to wait another second to get on a path to better sleep.

In a nutshell, this plan works!

I’m not a fan of fluff. We’ll jump right in to the good stuff. The stuff you need to know to get your family sleeping better. THIS is your proven playbook for more sleep.

Are you ready to finally get some sleep?

i know it may not seem like it but…

your child wants to sleep

and change is possible.

kind words

“We could not have done this without Jamie”

We were so nervous to sleep train and ultimately made every excuse in the book as to why our daughter wasn’t sleeping. But after 11 months of broken nights and contact naps, we decided enough was enough. After starting this program, every night and day just got better and better as our daughter learned how (and loved) to sleep independently  (she literally would wake up smiling). We were amazed and all three of us were SO much happier (and rested!).  We could not have done this without Jamie and recommend this program to everyone we know!

– Carley & Dan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oh Baby Sleep Course is intended for babies between 6-18 months. More importantly, this course is for healthy babies with no medical concerns that would preclude sleep training. If you have any medical concerns whatsoever, please discuss them with your child’s doctor prior to purchasing and starting this course.

No one likes to hear their child cry, and I’m not going to sugarcoat the fact that habit change and learning new skills often involves some tears at some points. Newness & change can be hard for anyone, and it is natural and healthy to expect some protests. For babies, this protest usually manifests as crying. While crying isn’t necessary for sleep training to be successful, it can be a byproduct of habit change.
While crying may occur during sleep training, this plan will give you some very specific guidelines on how to respond, when and how to support, and how to know when to stand back and allow your child some space to discover, practice, and master independent & internal sleep strategies.

My philosophy when making sleep changes is that we do it in a FAIR way. With a proven, step-by-step plan you can make meaningful changes in a systematic and supportive way and avoid inconsistencies and mixed messaging which can exacerbate crying. Committing to a plan often yields less crying overall!

I’ll also guide you in reframing the tears you may hear and tuning in to your child in a different way during this process. And of course, extra support is available should heavy crying persist past the first few days or you just need a supportive ear.

Yes! Breastfeeding & sleep training can definitely co-exist and live in harmony. This course will help you encourage your baby to see nursing as a time for nourishment and bonding rather than a tool they need to use to get themselves to sleep. Differentiating the two is the key to helping your baby become a better eater and a stronger sleeper!

Please always consult a lactation expert for any specific breastfeeding questions.

Yes! I’ve worked with many daycare families and while sleep at daycare may not be as predictable or restorative as sleep at home, you can ask them to honor a daytime schedule and attempt our new nap routines. In fact, many daycares are pumped to hear that independent sleep is being taught because it makes their job easier!

This plan is designed to teach your child to sleep independently (ditch sleep props like feeding, rocking, bouncing, co-sleeping, paci-ping-pong, etc.), sleep 10-12 hours through the night, and establish a consistent & predictable nap schedule.

You have the option of purchasing the course + phone call bundle and/or adding on 30-minute support calls with Jamie at any time to get your questions answered.

The Baby Sleep Course


$ 99
  • 14 day sleep training plan 
  • Video teachings with Jamie covering daily schedules, routines, and sleep training methods for bedtime, night wake ups, and naps.
  • PDF sleep plan
  • Sleep logs to track progress
  • Designed for 6-18 month olds
  • Unlimited course access
  • Support calls available for additional purchase


$ 159
  • 14 day sleep training plan
  • Video teachings with Jamie covering daily schedules, routines, and sleep training methods for bedtime, night wake ups, and naps.
  • PDF sleep plan
  • Sleep logs to track progress
  • Designed for 6-18 month olds
  • Unlimited course access
  • One 30-minute phone call with Jamie
    ($75 value)

more support

looking for something a little more personalized?

I offer custom plans + support for families who would like a hand to hold during the sleep training process.