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Should I Give My Child Melatonin?

Melatonin has been touted to be a safe, natural way of helping people sleep better. In a lot of ways, this is very true, but there’s actually a whole lot more to understand about it before you start using it with your children.

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Summer Sleep Survival Guide

Between the travel, excitement, outside play, and late bedtimes that accompany summer, it’s easy for schedules and routines to fall by the wayside. But even though it’s summer…

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Sleep Tips for the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, many parents whose little ones are on a good schedule may worry that sleep will regress over the holidays. This is a totally valid concern. Between the travel, excitement, and plethora of activities taking you away from your normal routine…

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Life After Sleep Training

When you’re sleep training, you want to do your best to be as consistent as possible during the learning process. You do this for the benefit of your child who may be confused by inconsistencies. But once you’ve sleep trained and your child is on a predictable…

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