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Sleep at Daycare

Is your child about to start daycare? If you’re worried about how they are going to sleep in a busy daycare classroom, read on to learn more about questions to ask and ways to communicate your…

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Why Your Toddler is Boycotting Their Nap

It’s not uncommon for toddlers to suddenly and for no obvious reason start boycotting their nap one day. Unless your child is between 3-4, it’s probably not time to drop the nap. Here are 5 reasons why your toddler may be boycotting their nap.

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Overtiredness: What You Need to Know

An overtired baby is one who has passed the point of fatigue, and with overtiredness comes a whole host of struggles including inconsolableness, difficulty falling asleep, and frequent night wakes. It is important to…

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Goodbye Naps, Hello Quiet Time

The end of naps is a sad time for many parents. Nap time is usually the one and only time of the day you can actually think and be productive without a tiny helper attached to your hip or being way too quiet in the other room. But I’ve got some great news for you…

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Life After Sleep Training

When you’re sleep training, you want to do your best to be as consistent as possible during the learning process. You do this for the benefit of your child who may be confused by inconsistencies. But once you’ve sleep trained and your child is on a predictable…

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