Crib to Bed Guide


When you have an active toddler, there’s just no time to research, process, and plan the precarious task of moving them from a crib to a bed. We’re here to help! This guide will break down the entire process into simple, easy to understand steps. It is packed with helpful and easy strategies previously only shared with Oh Baby Sleep Graduates, including:
  • How to handle climbing out of the crib
  • The best time to make the switch
  • How to prepare for the transition
  • Items you’ll need to be successful
  • How to handle bedtime battles, boundary pushing, and nighttime wandering
  • Tools and templates to help your child succeed
  • Step-by-step guidance for keeping your child in bed all night long
DOWNLOAD NOW – don’t wait until after your toddler is making you lay with them until they fall asleep or getting up to visit you multiple times at night! You will wish you had this from the beginning! This is a digital product and is not eligible for a refund.