Newborn Sleep Coaching

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solve problems before they even begin

Most parents don’t begin seeking out sleep support until they’ve struggled through months (or sometimes years) of sleep deprivation and are at their rock bottom.

That doesn’t have to be your story!

Exhaustion does not have to be your new normal now that you’re a parent. Learn how to establish sleep rhythms and guide your newborn towards a lifetime of healthy sleep habits in a developmentally appropriate way. I want you to get the sleep you need to recharge and your baby to get the sleep they need to thrive.

And yes, we can start that from the very beginning.

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“No need to suffer through the newborn stage”

With a few intentional tweaks to our sleep situation, we had a less fussy, more rested daughter and were able to get the sleep we needed to enjoy this sacred part of new parenthood.
– Alexa & Todd

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newborn sleep Coaching packages

The Classic

$ 395
  • Intake Evaluation
  • Personalized Newborn Sleep Plan
  • 60-Minute Plan Review Call
  • Nursery Assessment
  • Four Follow-Up Emails (0-12 Weeks)


$ 695
  • Intake Evaluation
  • Personalized Newborn Sleep Plan
  • 60-Minute Plan Review Call
  • Nursery Assessment
  • Weekly Voxer Check-Ins (0-12 Weeks)
  • Graduation Resource Guide

The Hybrid

$ 995
  • Intake Evaluation
  • Personalized Newborn Sleep Plan (0-12 Weeks)
  • Personalized Baby Sleep Plan (12+ Weeks)
  • Two 60-Minute Plan Review Calls (One Now, One Later)
  • Nursery Assessment
  • Weekly Voxer Check-Ins (0-12 Weeks)
  • Daily Voxer Check-Ins (12-14 Weeks)
  • Digital Sleep Tracking (12-14 Weeks)
  • Graduation Resource Guide
  • One (1) Complimentary Follow-Up Call (must be used within 3 months of completing your plan)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Choose your perfect package. If you’re not sure which package to choose or you’d like to connect ahead of time to make sure we are a good fit, book a complimentary discovery call with me.

Step 2: After you purchase a package, you will receive a link to my calendar to book your 60-minute consultation. In the meantime, you will complete an intake questionnaire that will give me all the information I need to create a personalized sleep plan for your family. I will also send you some checklists and other materials to review and work through as you’re waiting to get started.

Step 3: On the date/time you select for our consultation, we will meet on Zoom to review your sleep plan. I will walk you through it, answer any questions you have about it, and make sure you’re feeling clear & confident about next steps.

Step 4: After you pick a start night to kick off your plan, your support period will begin! Depending on your package choice, you can either check in with me via email (Classic) or Voxer (VIP/Hybrid) with any questions you have over the course of your baby’s first 12 weeks.

Step 5: CELEBRATE feeling confident about sleep and enjoy the newborn stage!

The Hybrid Package is your “sleep now & later” package. We will begin with guidance and support during the newborn stage. You will receive a newborn sleep plan (which we will review together on our first of two hour-long consultations) and weekly Voxer support through 12-16 weeks. When your baby is between 12-16 weeks, we will meet again for a second 60-minute session, and I will create a personalized sleep training plan that is more aligned to your child’s developmental stage. During the following 2 weeks, we will stay in touch daily through Voxer and sleep-log tracking.

No, newborn coaching packages are not formal sleep training. While working on establishing sleep rhythms and healthy habits can begin from day 1, we will never be leaving your child to cry or expecting them to self-soothe 100% of the time. Instead, this process is a way to help shape the way your child understands sleep and build independent sleep skills in a developmentally-appropriate way.

Newborn sleep coaching will give you a roadmap for how to approach sleep from day 1. While newborn sleep can be inconsistent and therefore we cannot make guarantees like “12 hours by 12 weeks,” you can absolutely expect to gain confidence in knowing when your baby should sleep, where your baby should sleep, and how to help your baby sleep better.
Yes! Sleep works symbiotically and what happens during the day can impact night sleep (and vice versa). I look at the whole picture when creating a sleep plan, and you can expect to see improvements across all sleep situations.
YES! Breastfeeding and healthy sleep definitely can co-exist and live in harmony! A feeding + sleeping plan actually enhances the breastfeeding relationship when you both are well rested and your baby is able to efficiently empty your breasts. But regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, I am here to help you reach all your sleep goals.
Feeding and sleep certainly go hand-in-hand, but feeding challenges do not preclude children from becoming great sleepers. In my experience, when sleep improves, feeding improves along with it! However, if you have specific concerns about your child’s medical conditions, please speak with your pediatrician first.
I’d love to help your entire family get the sleep you all deserve. I work with children from age 0-5 so if you have multiple struggling sleepers within that age range, let’s get a plan in place for everyone!
Oh Baby is unique in that it offers a comprehensive & well-rounded perspective on pediatric sleep and the process of sleep training. My extensive background in child development and infant mental health ensures that I will always take an evidence-based, scientific approach when crafting my services and educating families. I come equipped with an MS in Child Development with special interests in infant mental health & whole family wellness, extensive training + a certification in pediatric sleep, and hold a leadership position within the Association for Professional Sleep Consultants. I strive to offer parents not only expert guidance but also personalized support surrounding sleep struggles. I am constantly keeping up to date on the latest evolutions in the fields of child development, infant mental health, and pediatric sleep science, so your sleep solutions won’t just be tailored to your family, but will be rooted in evidence-based research and practices.
While I can not bill insurance directly, should you choose to use your HSA or FSA funds for my sleep services I can provide you with a detailed invoice and other supporting documentation to submit to your insurance company if needed. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that my services will be eligible for reimbursement.