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Sleep Schedules

Sleep at Daycare

Is your child about to start daycare? If you’re worried about how they are going to sleep in a busy daycare classroom, read on to learn more about questions to ask and ways to communicate your…

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Baby Sleep Schedules

Having a nap and bedtime schedule for your baby can be enormously helpful in both structuring your day and helping them sleep better. But the world of baby sleep schedules can be overwhelming and confusing. I want to help you…

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Back to School Sleep Tips

During the summer, it’s only natural for sleep to take a back seat. I get it. I know how precious the summer months are. But during the school year, your child’s body and brain need a lot of sleep.

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Summer Sleep Survival Guide

Between the travel, excitement, outside play, and late bedtimes that accompany summer, it’s easy for schedules and routines to fall by the wayside. But even though it’s summer…

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Life After Sleep Training

When you’re sleep training, you want to do your best to be as consistent as possible during the learning process. You do this for the benefit of your child who may be confused by inconsistencies. But once you’ve sleep trained and your child is on a predictable…

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