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5 Tips to Survive The Witching Hour

It’s that dreaded time of day again! Your usually easy-going, happy-go-lucky baby is suddenly possessed and melting down. All your attempts to soothe them are falling on deaf ears and now you too have tears streaming down your face. This is the witching hour and here’s how to get through it.

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Overtiredness: What You Need to Know

An overtired baby is one who has passed the point of fatigue, and with overtiredness comes a whole host of struggles including inconsolableness, difficulty falling asleep, and frequent night wakes. It is important to…

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Five Tips for Moving Your Baby Into Their Own Room

Transitioning your little one from the bassinet next to your bed to a crib in a faraway land called their own room can feel very daunting. Some parents keep their babies close by simply because the transition feels too monumental and scary. Other parents want to wait until their baby…

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Should My Baby Use A Pacifier?

I get asked my opinion on pacifiers a lot. Am I a fan? Are they a sleep prop? When should I introduce one When should I wean them? Truthfully, pacifiers are not good or bad. They are be very helpful in some circumstances and very…

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Reflux & Baby Sleep

If you’re wondering whether your baby’s sleep struggles are due to an underlying physical issue such as reflux, you’re not alone. Reflux is incredibly common among newborns and young infants due in large part to their anatomy. Reflux can…

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How to Help Your Light Sleeper

Do you think your child is a light sleeper? If your child seems to wake up every time you walk by their door, goes from fast asleep to wide awake the moment you lay them down, or wakes up frequently throughout the night for no…

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