The holidays are upon us and I want to help you build your wish list with this baby & toddler gift guide. Some of my favorite baby & toddler products make great gifts & stocking stuffers. And don’t worry, I’ve included some of my favorite parent-products too because what are the holidays if we’re not treating ourselves, am I right?

[By the way, I have independently sourced and vetted every single product I shared in this post. If you purchase through some of the links I’ve provided, I may receive a small commission which in turn supports Oh Baby!]

For The Baby

Lovevery Play Kits
Lovevery is a subscription-based company that sends out beautiful boxes with intentional play objects specifically for your child’s age range. Each box comes with a booklet that helps to explain what your child is working on developmentally and how to incorporate the included toys. This is one of those things that feels pricey but is totally worth it! (By the way, while I have no personal experience, I hear the Toddler Boxes are also incredible!)
Use this link to save 10% when you prepay for 3+ play kits.

Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym
Hands down a fan fave in the Labbe household. While it’s definitely a sharp left from the beautiful neutral Montessori playthings I envisioned filling our playroom, it’s certainly a must-have in my book. Perfect for floor time, tummy time, and music time (Purple Monkey, anyone? IYKYK.) If you don’t own one already, now’s the time! 

Baby Bjorn Bouncer
Give your arms a break and let your baby relax in my favorite bouncer. Add on this toy bar for some extra fun. It’s a great place for baby to lounge while you’re washing bottles, folding laundry, or pounding a quick lunch. Just remember to strap baby in appropriately, monitor them at all times, and never use it for sleep!

Magnetic Me Sleepers
Don’t SLEEP on these ingenious PJS. No one wants to be dealing with snaps during middle-of-the-night diaper changes or wrangling a squirmy baby in an attempt to zip them into their jams. Magnetic Me sleepers are the most underrated baby product out there. Choose from temperature controlling, ultra soft (+ sustainable) TENCEL Modal or cozy organic cotton, I promise you’ll be hooked the first time you put it on.
If you’re new to Magnetic Me, use this link to save $10 your order of $95 or more!

Mushie Stacking Cups
As someone with a background in child development, open-ended toys that target fine-motor skills, cognitive planning, and involve narration about size and color are a must-have in my book!

For The Toddler

Learning Tower
Learning towers help your child get involved and encourage togetherness & interaction. A perfect solution for baking Christmas cookies and making memories during the holiday season and beyond!

The Nugget
A cult classic! This play couch has infinite configurations and is perfect for playing and lounging. We use it with Nash (3.5 months) already for tummy time.

Play Kitchen
An Amazon dupe for the expensive Pottery Barn play kitchen. Such an exciting gift for any toddler to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Hatch Rest+
A big-ticket item that’s a great addition to any list and will help your toddler stay in their bed all night long. Win-win!

To learn more about how to use a Toddler Clock in your child’s bedtime routine, check out this blog post.

Walker Wagon
A fan favorite for young toddlers learning to walk. The resistance clickers mean your little one isn’t going to move too fast and topple forward. And as an added bonus, it’s not hideous (and doubles as toy storage!)

Little Blue Truck Books
We are big fans of Little Blue Truck (and his good friend Toad) in this house. The rhythm and cadence of the stories keep little ones engaged and isn’t annoying when you’re reading it for the 107th time. We can’t wait to read the Christmas one this holiday season and see what Little Blue is up to.

For You

Because we’re always losing one…

Ugg Dupes
These are my absolute favorite slippers. They have a hard sole (which is great when you accidentally wear them out to run errands) and a super soft interior that doesn’t get clumpy or gross.

Happy Candle + Scrub
One of my favorite IG follows, Courtney from A Life From Scratch, partners with small businesses to create special lifestyle products meant to make you happy! This holiday season she’s sharing the Happy Candle (scent notes: spiced orange, cinnamon, & ginger) and the Hygge Scrub (scent notes: coffee, vanilla, butter, cinnamon). Their first drop sold out, but I have it on good authority that there is more coming! Follow Courtney at @alifefromsctratch for updates on the restock.

Kyte Baby Jams
Have you ever been holding your sleeping baby in their Kyte sleep sack and thought, “My gosh this is soft and lovely”? I have. And then I discovered that Kyte Baby also has grown up comfies. Kyte Baby, take all my money!

Oh Baby Sleep Course
Give (or get yourself) the gift of sleep this holiday season. New year-new you will thank you!


Wishing your family a happy & healthy holiday season!

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