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Your Guide to Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks, wearable blankets, sleeping bags, oh my! There are so many sleep sacks out there, so I wanted to break down what exactly these wearable blankets are, why I recommend them, and which ones I love.

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Newborn Sleep Tips

“Welcome to motherhood; you’ll never sleep again!” I’m sure every new parent here has heard that one before. Helpful or not (emphasis on the NOT) this old adage is shared time and again. But is it really true?

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Back to School Sleep Tips

During the summer, it’s only natural for sleep to take a back seat. I get it. I know how precious the summer months are. But during the school year, your child’s body and brain need a lot of sleep.

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Is My Baby Waking From Hunger?

A question that plagues every parent’s mind when they hear their baby wake up in the middle of the night is: are they hungry? But the truth is, not all wake-ups are hunger based. Of course, when your baby is a newborn it is natural and expected for them to eat every…

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Should I Give My Child Melatonin?

Melatonin has been touted to be a safe, natural way of helping people sleep better. In a lot of ways, this is very true, but there’s actually a whole lot more to understand about it before you start using it with your children.

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Summer Sleep Survival Guide

Between the travel, excitement, outside play, and late bedtimes that accompany summer, it’s easy for schedules and routines to fall by the wayside. But even though it’s summer…

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your sleep coach

i'm jamie your pediatric sleep consultant and BFF.

I’m a former postpartum social worker turned baby sleep guru. I believe wholeheartedly that sleep is the ultimate form of self-care and no one can show up as their best self when they’re not getting good rest. So I turned my passion for sleep into my profession. Sleep shouldn’t have to be your full time job anymore. Let me take the sleep stress off your plate so you can start living your best, well-rested life!